Detective for Business Investigation

Detective for Business Investigation


Understand your competitors, key suppliers, and investment partners in the country. Let us perform the business due diligence so you have all the facts, all handled thoroughly and discreetly.

We have been providing accurate and comprehensive professional investigations for many years and are regularly hired by multinational corporations, small/medium enterprises, legal firms and consumers to get to the truth about businesses.

Using high-tech tools as well as human intelligence and proprietary research techniques, our teams of investigators and analysts gather information from various public and private physical and digital sources for our detailed report.

The Business Due Diligence Package can be customized to meet your needs. Here are some of the options include:

  • Business Profile, including Products, Services, Competitors
  • Business Background, including Registration details
  • On-site inspection
  • Bankruptcy/Litigation Checks
  • Reputation/Integrity Check

All of our packages include pictures and/or video. We provide daily summary reports and real-time alerts, as well as final report, pictures, and video within 24 hours of completion.

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