Detective for Civil Crime Investigations - Mumbai

Detective for Civil Crime Investigations


There are several different types of civil investigations that AIS, Conduct for individuals and business. Some of the most common forms of civil crime investigations are Assest searches, Background checks, Domestic Investigations, Marital Investigations, Missing Persons, Personal injury Investigations and workers' Compensation Investigations. Whether you are going to court or have already gone, we can assist and get you the legal information you deserve to know.

There are many kinds of civil investigations, with some of the more common ones being:

  • Domestic surveillance, which can include nanny cams, caregiver background checks, security surveillance, and many other types of investigations ensure that you and everyone in your home remain safe.
  • Personal injury investigations, which attempt to find out how an injury has occurred.
  • Workers compensation investigations, which try to put a stop to insurance fraud.
  • Background checks, which try to determine whether those people you trust with your business or personal life really are deserving of the faith you put in them.
  • Asset searches, which try to uncover hidden funds and valuables owned by debtors, companies, and individuals.
  • Missing persons investigations.
  • Child custody and child abuse investigations, which can be used to attempt to uncover possible negligence and mistreatment of minors.
  • Marital investigations, which can include everything from partner surveillance to domestic abuse investigations, pre marital investigations, and cheating spouse investigations.
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